CrossFit Classes


CrossFit Classes are open to all athletes who have completed the On Ramp Program or have significant CrossFit training experience (6+ months).  CrossFit classes typically include four distinct elements for a well-balanced and effective workout. Your certified CrossFit Coach will lead you through the entire class.  Be sure to sign up for classes, as we cap our classes at 12, to maintain quality coach to athlete attention. All of the classes are scalable to every level of fitness.  Your Coach will work with you to modify and/or scale your workout program to be appropriate for your fitness and skill level.

Here’s how your typical class will look:

Buy In: Specific warm up to prepare your body for the movements ahead.

Strength / Skill: lift in a controlled setting to gain useful strength (e.g. back squat, deadlift, & more) or practice a skill to improve technique/strength (gymnastics, kettle bells, running).

the workout of the day maximizes your ability to use energy (burn calories & fat) and increases your work capacity = RESULTS!

Cash Out:  additional mobility drills, skill practice, strength training, and conditioning workouts to maximize your fitness or sport-specific goals (to be completed after class)

Monthly Memberships:

2x/week: $110/month
3x/week: $135/month

Unlimited: $155/month
*all prices include tax
*family, student, emergency service, and package discounts available

Specialty Weightlifting Classes


Looking to improve your Olympic lifts? Join our NCCP certified coaches for a crash course on weightlifting and specialized programming, scalable to all levels!

Here’s what your typical class will look like:

  • Back to basics with progressive programming
  • Full breakdown of olympic lifts
  • Variations of lifts and supplementary movements
  • Periodized programming for train to train, and train to compete athletes
  • Full coaching provided for anyone who wishes to compete at club level
  • Suitable for all levels 
  • Group atmosphere

Monthly Memberships:

1x/week (CFN member): $30/month
2x/week (CFN member): $55/month
1x/week (non CFN member): $55/month
2x/week (non CFN member): $100/month
*all prices include tax

Run Camps

Personal Training Button Photo

Join our Certified Personal Trainers for our biweekly run specific classes.  Our intentions are to place emphasis on muscular endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, and movement patterns for prevention of running injuries. This program is open to all levels of runners. We are able to provide modifications and different levels as needed

Here’s what your typical class will look like:

  • Run specific supplementary programming
  • Lighter weights and higher reps (20+) will be used in order to target muscular endurance vs strength
  • Emphasis on Mobility and preventing running injuries
  • Techniques talk – run positioning, gait, aerobic/anaerobic capacities (oxygen deficit, V02max, anaerobic threshold), breathing techniques, cadence/pacing for specific distance, elevation
  • Cardiovascular conditioning

Monthly Memberships:

1x/week: $75/month
2x/week: $120/month
*all prices include tax