Buy In: 2 rounds: 100m ROWling + burpees, 10 banded W’s, 10 pull-overs (PVC/light), 10 crab rocks, 50’ farmer carry using fat grips
Skill: 10 min EMOM 2-3 TGU (alt hands each min; work time should be under 40sec)
WOD: 65 TTB for time
*every time you come off the bar 3 burpees 


Buy IN: 8min: 10 banded PVC thruster, 5/side jack sparrow, 5/side single leg box jumps, 2 tire flips
Skill: 5 sets, building up in weight every 3 min:
1 DL
2 hang power cleans
3 jerks
4 front squat
WOD:For time: 6-12-18-12-6
Alt pistol squats
HSPU to deficit 


Buy In: 3 rounds: 200m run, 5 knee to chest hanging from rope, 15 squat leg pattern, 10 banded GM
Skill: Back Squats: 5 sets of 10 every 3 min
WOD: 3 rounds for time:
80 DU
40 alt DB snatch
20 CTB pull ups


Buy In: 400m row THEN 3 rounds: 10 banded GM, 10 banded lat pull downs, 5 knee to chest hanging from rope, 10 sec support hold on rings, 5 narrow pushups
Skill: Review WOD movements and warm up DL
10 rounds for time:
6 DL (225/155)
12 Pull ups
24 DU
*35min time cap
Cash out: Accumulate 6 min of Farmer carry walks w wt as heavy as possible


Buy In: ankle mobility instead of sq hold. 6min: 30 sec goblet squat, 10 banded squats, 5/side sprinkler, 5 strict TTB
Skill: Bench Press 5 sets of 3 w 3 sec
pause in bottom every 3 min
WOD:  Partner:
1km Row Buy In – split any way
Partner synchro:
10 rounds
4 pushups
8 sit ups
12 air squats


Buy In: hammy roll out during squat hold; THEN: 3 rounds:  20 DU, 10 banded GM, 10 jump squats, 5/side glute bridge, 3 wall walk ups
Skill: Review WOD movements and warm up
WOD: Running DT
5 rounds for time (135/95)
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk
200m Run
Cash Out: MOBILITY (10-15min):
-banded couch stretch
-banded hamstring stretch
-banded shoulder distraction
-banded triceps/front rack opener
-child pose with side/lat stretch
-low back stretch


Buy In: Coach lead around the rig warm up
Snatch warm up: (PVC first)
5 x straight arm shrugs
5x  Hang High pulls
5x Hang Muscle snatch
5x OHS tempo @42X1
5x  mid thigh power snatch
5 x above knee squat snatch
Grab a bar:
3 x high hang power snatch
3x mid hang catch at parallel snatch
3x above knee full squat snatch
*REPEAT this w barbell 1 more time then add weight for skill
0-3min: 12 Snatch 115/75
3-6min: 9 Snatch 135/95
6-9min: 6 Snatch 155/105
9-12min: 3 Snatch 175/115
12-15min AMRAP Snatch 195/125
WOD: For time:
800m Row
-right into-
CTB Pull ups


Buy In: Buy In: 6min: alt every 30 sec:
jump jacks, air squats, inchworms, cat/cow
THEN: 2 sets: 15 squat leg patter, 10 wall face PVC OHS, sled push
Skill: Front Squat 5 sets of 5 with 3 sec PAUSE in bottom
40 KBS
20 Burpees over KB
30 KBS
15 Burpees over KB
20 KBS
10 Burpees over KB
10 KBS
5 Burpees over KB


Buy In: circuit: 3 rounds (12min) 45 sec work, 15 sec rest/trans
a) air squats
b) 5 KB DL + AMRAP russian KBS remainder of time
c) wall walk ups
d) burpee + strict pull up
For time:
800m Run/row
21 cleans
15 bar hop burpees
400m Run/ row
15 cleans
12 bar hop burpees
200m row
9 cleans
9 bar hop burpees
*20min time cap
Cash Out: 10 min MOBILITY work – banded hamstring stretch, banded hip opener, banded ankle distraction, banded triceps, pec roll out with static stretch