Buy In: 3 rounds: 10 stationary lateral lunges, 10 banded GM, 5/side single leg KB DL
Skill: Wendler DL week 2
*accessory: straight leg raises w core activation
WOD: 5 rounds for time
6 burpee box jumps
12 WB
*10min time cap 


Buy In: 6min: 3 wall walk ups, 6 ring rows, 9 crab rocks, 12 air squats
Skill: Wendler Shoulder Press week 2.  Accessory 5 banded W’s, 5 bent over DB rows
WOD: 4 sets:
1 min AMRAP ROW for cal
-30 sec rest/transition –
1 min AMRAP DB Push Press
-30 sec rest/transition –
score = total reps 


Buy In: *ankle mobility instead of squat hold* 3 rounds: 25 DU, 15 air squats, 10 situps, 5/side glute bridges
Skill: Wendler week 2 Back Squats. warm up 40-50-60% @32X1 THEN 70%x3, 80%x3, 90%x3+ *every 3 min
WOD: For time:21-15-9
Power Snatch (95/65)
CTB Pull ups
*every min on min = 3 pushups
*10min time cap


Buy In: Coach led dynamics

Skill: Clean technique.  Go through variation of burgener warm up:

5 x straight arm shrugs
5x  High pulls
5x Muscle clean
5x tempo @42X1 Front Squats
5x  mid thigh power clean
5 x below knee squat clean

Grab a bar:
3 x high hang power clean
3x mid hang catch at parallel clean
3x below knee full squat clean
REPEAT this x 3.
stick to empty barbell.

5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 air squats 


Buy In: 3 sets, alternate every 20 sec: air squats, burpees, mnt climbers
Skill: Wendler Bench Press – week 1. Accessory: 5 banded lat pull downs, 5 ring rows
WOD: 12 min AMRAP
2 rounds: 6 pull ups + 6 burpees
 2 rounds: 8 pull ups + 8 burpees
2 rounds: 10 pull ups + 10 burpees
2 rounds 12 pull ups + 12 burpees
etc. con’t adding 2 rounds with 2 extra reps until time is up!
*RX Start with CTB for as long as you can manage*


Buy In: 6-8min: 5 primal pull throughs, 10 cat/cow, 10/side straight leg raises, 10 banded GM
Skill: Wendler DL week 1
WOD: 10min AMRAP:
10 WB (aim for 1’ higher than usual = men to 11’, women to 10’)
20 sit ups
30 DU

New to Wendler? Read this!

J Wendler 4 Week Program

  • Start light
  • Progress slowly
  • Each training cycle lasts 4 weeks.
  • You will train 2 days per week (this will be up to you to decide on the days).

• One day will be devoted to ONE of the following: Back Squats ( Mondays), Shoulder Press/Push Press (Tuesday/Friday), Deadlift (Wednesday/Thursday). If you come Unlimited, you will aim to get in all 4 lifts.  If you only come twice a week, you only do 2 lifts, 3x/week, 3 lifts.

• The first week you will do 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5).

• The second week you will do 3 sets of 3 reps (3×3).

• The third week you will do 1 set of 5 reps, 1 set of 3 reps and 1 set of 1 rep (5/3/1).

• The fourth week you will do 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5). This is an easy deload week.

• After the fourth week, you begin again with 3 sets of 5 reps IF DESIRED

Before You Start:

  • Estimate your 1RM for the lift.
  • Take 80% or 85% of your supposed max and perform as many reps as possible.

• Plug the reps and the weight into this formula to get your estimated 1RM:

Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM


  • take 90% of your max (or proposed max) and use this as your “max” for the first 4 weeks. Leave your ego at the door and do it correctly.  You don’t have to train maximally to get strong. You just have to train optimally. J
  • Warm Up:

• 1×5 @ 40%

• 1×5 @ 50%

• 1×3 @ 60%

  • Work Set
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 – DELOAD
65% x 5 reps 70% x 3 reps 75% x 5 reps 40% x 5 reps
75% x 5 reps 80% x 3 reps 85% x 3 reps 50% x 5 reps
85% x 5 or more reps 90% x 3 or more reps 95% x 1 or more reps 60% x 5 reps
  • Last Set: This last set should be a ball buster, though, and it’s the one you really need to focus on. This is when you dig in and try to move the world. I highly recommend having a goal in mind for these last sets.
  • in the 4 week (your deload week), you should NOT be going for max reps. This is a week to get some light work in and prime yourself for the next month of training.


Buy in: 6min: 5 scap pushups , 10 crab rocks, 15sec bottom up kb carry, 5 dips 

Skill: Wendler Shoulder Press – week 1.  Accessory: 5 banded W’s, 5 ring rows. 

WOD: 5 rounds for time:
15 KBS
10 Box jumps


Buy In: 500m Row; 3 rounds 5 pull ups, 5 inchworms w lunge, 5 burpee broad jumps
Skill: Wendler Back Squat (see Wendler post for more details)
warm up: 40-50-60% x 5 reps @32X1 THEN: 65% x5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+ *every 3 min for working sets
*remember to always take 90% of your 1RM BEFORE calculating above percentages*
WOD: 2 sets:
Power Cleans (115/80)
*rest 5-10min between sets

01/01/2018 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

No classes today but we encourage you to head over to Westwood Lake for the annual Polar Bear run and DIP! 

We would also like to challenge you to get started on the annual January REPS Challenge!

2018 REPS Challenge:

During the month of, Jan 1 – Jan 31 (inclusive), we challenge you to complete a total combined 2,018 repetitions of ANY of the following exercises: Pull Ups, Push Ups, Dips. Why these three you ask? The combination of these exercises will assist us in building upper body strength and are the prime movements involved in achieving the MUSCLE UP!

The details: You will average* out to 65 reps per day (31 days). You can break them up HOWEVER* you like, eg 22 of each exercise each day. They can be strict/kipping. Any form of each movement counts, whether its in a WOD, in your backyard, or on a stroll in the park. Keep track of your progress on the Board at the gym!
*please note you do not HAVE to complete reps each day, it is a completed TOTAL by the end of January, so if you miss a day, you can just make up for it.

Extra: Due to the increase in upper body reps, it is vital that you maintain your mobility by stretching each day.  Some great stretches to incorporate are the following:
Maintenance: ITWY’s, scap retractions, farmer holds
PECs: bent arm up against the wall, lacrosse ball between chest and wall/surface, arms holding onto rings/bar behind back while leaning forwards
TRIs: bent arm up against wall, banded tri stretch.
LATs: side lunges with banded distraction over head, hang from bar, roll out