January 2018 REPS Challenge is back! 

Info on the Paleo Challenge

Your guide to Paleo foods, obviously its not limited to these foods but you should get the point. Ill also touch on food quality for those of you taking Paleo to the next level.


Meat, Seafood, Eggs

-Beef                    -Bison                       -Boar                           -Buffalo

-Chicken             -Duck                        -Eggs                          -Game

-Goat                   -Goose                      -Lamb                         -Mutton

-Ostrich               -Pork                          -Quail                         -Rabbit

-Turkey                -Veal                         -Venison                    -Catfish

-Clams                -Halibut                     -Herring                     -Lobster

-Mussels             -Oysters                    -Salmon                     -Sardines

-Scallops            -Shrimp                     -Prawns                     -Snapper

-Trout                  -Swordfish                -Trout                          -Tuna


Fats, Oils

-Avocado oil      -Bacon fat                  -Butter                       -Coconut oil

-Ghee                 -Olive oil                    -Schmaltz                  -Walnut oil


Nuts, Seeds

-Almonds          -Brazil nuts                 -Chestnuts                -Hazelnuts

-Macadamia     -Pecans                      -Pine nuts                 -Pistachios

-Pumpkin seed -Sesame seed          -Sunflower seed      -Walnuts



-Artichokes       -Asparagus                -Arugula                    -Bamboo

-Beets               -Bok Choy                  -Broccoli                    -Cabbage

-Carrots            -Cauliflower               -Celery                      -Chard

-Cucumbers    -Eggplant                    -Fennel                     -Garlic

-Green beans  -Jicama                       -Kale                          -Leeks

-Lettuce            -Mushrooms               -Okra                         -Onions

-Parsley            -Parsnips                    -Peppers                  -Radishes

-Seaweed        -Shallots                      -Snap peas             -Squash

-Tomatoes       -Sweet potato             -Yams                        -Yuccas



-Apples            -Apricots                      -Avocado                  -Bananas

-Blackberries  -Blueberries                -Cherries                  -Cranberries

-Figs                 -Grapefruit                   -Grapes                    -Guavas

-Kiwis               -Lemons                      -Limes                       -Mangoes

-Melons            -Nectarines                 -Oranges                 -Papayas

-Pineapples     -Plantain                      -Plums                     -Raspberries

-Rhubarb         -Starfruit                       -Strawberries          -Watermelon


Herbs, Spices

-Any natural fresh/dried herb or spice shaved, ground, or crushed without chemical or artificial additives.



-Coconut aminos (soy sauce replacement)

-Fish sauce

-Hot sauce (gluten free)

-Vinegars (avoid malted vinegars)



-If changing your body composition is your main goal, limit your intake of fruit to a small amount each day

-Peanuts are not nuts, there a legume, and a no-no

-Natural sweeteners like unpasteurized honey and local maple syrup are Paleo but should be eliminated for at least the first two weeks of the challenge, and limited entirely if body composition is your goal

-If you are consuming conventionally raised meats try to choose leaner cuts

-If you choose to eat Lacto-Paleo (still consuming dairy) buy the normal/ full fat versions. Also watch for added sugars (as in yogurts) because they will turn your ok dairy into no-no dairy

-I hope you noticed the omission of grains in this diet, this wasn’t an accident, no grains of any kind.




Where your food comes from and how it was produced is extremely important. If just going paleo is a giant leap for you you might want to hold your horses and make sure you can manage purchasing and cooking real food first before having another shot of the Paleo Kool-aid. For those of you accustomed to eating a whole foods diet already and can afford it heres how to take it to the next level.


Meat, Eggs, Dairy

Beef/Lamb -100% grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised,local, wild

Pork -Pasture-raised, local

Eggs/Poultry -Pasture-raised, local

Dairy -Grass-fed, raw/unpasteurized

The staff at Real Food Connections can help you locate these products if you don’t know where to start.



-Local, organic, and seasonal


Fats, Oils

-Organic, cold-pressed, and from well raised animal sources


Nuts, Seeds

-Local, raw, and organic


There are so many resources and books on the Paleo lifestyle, everyone has their own twist on what is Paleo and what is not.  This is intended to be a guideline, do some research. Learning why this lifestyle excludes the foods that it does will greatly help you when you are tempted to eat a sandwich when you don’t feel like cooking. The more knowledge you gain the easier the transition to a whole foods lifestyle will be.

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