Am I fit enough to do CrossFit? 

This is one of the most common questions we get. The short answer is yes. The long answer is the one you will get when one of our Coaches describes how they can tailor any workout to your current fitness level and how the term the term “fit enough” shouldn’t be a part of your vocabulary.

How should I dress? What do I bring?

Calm down!  You are about to enter one of the most welcoming workout atmospheres you have ever experienced. Arrive 10min early to fill out some paperwork. Wear comfortable workout clothes (dress in layers during the colder months as it’s a bit chilly before you get warmed up).  Be prepared to do some exercises (like running, broad jumps, tire flips) outside on occasion. Bring a water bottle and towel if you like, sweating is encouraged!

How do I sign Up for a membership after the ON RAMP?

We offer monthly memberships anywhere from a 2x/week($110), 3x/week($135) to unlimited($155).  If you purchase 3/6/12 months all at once,  your classes are flexible in that if you end up missing 1 of your 2 classes in one week, you can make up that class anytime before your membership expires (essentially, 2x/week for 3 months= 24 classes within 90 days).  We also have an 8 pass punch card($130), which expires after 1 year. The above prices INCLUDE taxes, we are cash or cheque, credit.  We also offer a judgement-free, no-attitude, completely supportive environment – that’s invaluable. Memberships can be purchased in the gym either before or after your class, or on our online payment system.