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Welcome to the CFN monthly newsletter where we profile new and spotlight members, upcoming events, monthly challenges and the best stretches and recipes!

What’s Happening / Events

CFN’s Anniversary!

As some of you might know CFN celebrated its 4th Anniversary on January 31, 2015. Back when the doors opened at the original location on McCullough Rd we had no idea the box would grow into where it is today. By no means do I mean the actual size of the gym… although we are proud of that fact. The Coaches at CFN are more proud of the growth with our membership. Never could we have imagined that such a wonderful group of athletes would emerge out of Nanaimo and surrounding areas to sweat, bleed, cry and push each other to the end of every WOD. This only leaves us wondering what other challenges we will see you guys crush, and laughs we will share over Bacon induced pot lucks. Here’s to another great year with the best collection of CrossFit Cool-Aid drinkers in the world. 

Unfortunately due to timing we were unable to plan an official celebration at this time. But keeps your eyes and ears open for an Anniversary party!

New Olympic Weightlifting Session!
We are excited to announce a partnership between Nanaimo CrossFit and the Hercules Weightlifting Club! We will combine our strengths & expertise to provide an exclusive weekly high performance Olympic Weightlifting session. The focus of the program will be the development of efficient technique & mechanics, to allow for flexibility, speed and strength maximization! This session will be held Fridays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and led by Canada’s top level certified coaches with decades of competitive and coaching experience.
*Please note that as this is separate club from CrossFit, there will be an additional fee.  See Katie for details.

SCHEDULE CHANGES while Katie is away:
Please note that Katie will be away from 12pm Feb 3 – 12pm Feb 12 (inclusive).  She will be enjoying some fun sandy beach WOD’s in between sun bathing in CUBA 😉 Please be nice to our coaches while I’m away.

The only schedule change will be on Monday, Feb 9 – FAMILY DAY:
6:30am WOD
8:00am WOD
5:30pm WOD
6:30pm Olympic Lifting
*no 12pm, 4:30pm or 7:30pm WOD.

2015 CrossFit OPEN
It’s that time of year again!  Time to start registering for the 2015 CF OPEN!
We will be hosting the OPEN WOD’s every Friday as the scheduled WOD throughout the OPEN season, Feb 26 – March 29, with the option of scheduling a make up during an Open Gym or scheduling with a coach/judge.  Not sure you should sign up?  Take a moment to read an inspirational note from Coach Wails (written last year).  More details to come closer to the date! 

group DCF shot 

New Members

PLEASE WELCOME our January On Ramp Graduates!  Congrats to Ron, Luke, Doni, Courtenay, Jess, Charmaine (and soon to be Donovan) for completing our January On Ramp program.  Be sure to introduce yourselves when you see them joining group classes this week!

on ramp

Month Challenge

We are always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves, both physically, and mentally.  Unfortunately sometimes pride gets in the way and we loose focus; pushing past our limits just to put a number on the whiteboard, or keep up with a fellow athlete.  This month I am asking everyone to challenge themselves with QUALITY of  movement vs QUANTITY of movement.

Record your improvements in your WOD book.  The whiteboard is NOT your comparison score board.  The fact that Sally hit 20 more pounds than you on a deadlift does not reflect where you are as an athlete.   While often comparing ourselves to others, we loose focus on personal improvements, such as the 10lb PR you just accomplished from YOUR last DL.  The community whiteboard is to share YOUR success with others, and to simply see who all came in that day.  It is NOT to compare yourself to others or determine what weight you should use during a WOD; when in doubt, ask a coach!  Who cares if it was RX or scaled…. nobody but yourself.  More importantly, did you record it in your notebook to keep track of your own improvements?

Due to the nature of this challenge you will be tasked with monitoring your progression on your own.  We still encourage you to share your progression and tips with coaches and other athletes. Here are some simple ways to check in with yourself and ensure you are meeting the requirements.

1. Take more notes in your WOD Book, if you are already taking notes try to add more than just the WOD and your time. Make a note on how you were feeling before, during and after. How your nutrition is coming along, sleep… you get the picture here.

2. Don’t read the whiteboard scores until after you have completed the WOD

3. Listen to your coaches advice on what weight you should use to start a lift or to WOD with.  When in doubt, start with just a bar.

4. Listen to what your coaches are screaming at you during your WOD. If they are constantly giving you queues during a movement, odds are the QUALITY portion is being missed. You should aim to hear queues like “Nice Rep”, “Beautiful Lift”, “You sexy beast”, Etc.

5. Pick a movement you have been struggling with and seek further instruction on it whether it be from a coach, fellow athlete, or online. To say there is a ton of CrossFit instructional information on the web would be an understatement. When you’ve learned something share it with everyone else.

Here is a piece from a great article in Tabata Times:
[M]ost injuries are caused by your own overtension and technique faults rep after rep after rep. It likely wasn’t the 1RM bench press attempt that tweaked your shoulder, it was the months prior of lifting with poor form. And looking back, you probably know it.

Like that rough bumpy part of the road that wakes you up before you drive off the highway, most injuries will give you warning signs before the final straw. Learn to pay attention to those signs and heed them.

… [T]he “Rx” weight is kind of misnamed. It is merely a suggestion. The prescription for a workout is whatever is suitable for you on that given day at that given time. It’s not imperative that you thrustered 135 pounds a week ago. Maybe last night you didn’t get much sleep. Or maybe you’ve been in your car all day and your hips are tight. Or any other reason you may not be operating at 100% today. If a 95-pound bar is your Rx TODAY, so be it.

Is it worth sitting on the sidelines for two months while your shoulder heals from bursitis because you wanted a star next to your name on the whiteboard? Do you think you’ll get any less of a workout if you scale down to ensure proper form and protect a nagging joint?


Month Stretch / Tip

Five strength-based exercises that help get the body back in balance and become symmetrical to improve common CrossFit movement patterns:

  1. One-Arm Dumbbell Row
  2. Front Rack One-Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
  3. One-Arm Overhead Press
  4. Barbell One-Leg Deadlift
  5. Barbell One-Leg Bench Hip Thrusters

Try incorporating these into your warm up / cool downs.   Try 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps.


It’s quite rewarding to see your name alongside a skill you have recently improved upon.  It allows us to reflect on progress and development.  With our MAX DL, BS, SP week we saw some HUGE PR’s on this month’s PR board 🙂  Congrats to everyone who reached outside their comfort zone and surprised themselves this month!

save date

Mark your Calendars:

Feb 6, Fri: High Performance Oly: 6:30-8:30pm – registration required. 
Feb 9, Mon: Family Day, reduced classes!
Feb 21, Sat: Master’s Olympic Lifting Comp in Vancouver
Feb 26, Thurs: Release of the first 2015 OPEN WOD!
Feb 28, Sat:
A&R Olympic lifting comp in Port Alberni

Recipe of the Month:
Hot-Pot Noodles!

I found this recipe in an email, tried it, and LOVED IT!  
-1 small sweet potato for noodles/spoodles (grated veggies works fine).
-1 bowl of finely chopped or shredded raw vegetables. I use broccoli, spinach, cabbage and carrots.
-1 slice of pineapple (chopped).
-Cooked chicken. I typically use one breast or 2 thighs per mason jar.
-1 chopped green onion.
-2 tablespoons of freshly minced cilantro. Use can use any herb or seasoning you like.
-1good, high quality vegetable or chicken stock cube.
-1 teaspoon of oil.
-2 tablespoons of coconut aminos or soy sauce.
-1/4 teaspoon of chili flakes. (optional)
-½ teaspoon of minced garlic or garlic powder
-1/4 teaspoon of grated ginger.
-1 full teaspoon of honey (optional).
Peel your sweet potato and either spiral cut or finely grate them. Steam or par boil the potato for about 5 minutes to soften it up. You want it just firm to the bite. Allow the potato to cool before adding it to the mason jar(or pyrex dish with lid).Mix together the broth seasoning to form a paste. Adding the oil brings it together nicely. Do this in a small bowl with a small spoon to break down the stock cube.Chop your cooked chicken (seasoned how you like).Pack cooked noodles into the bottom of the jar. Spoon the cold broth paste on top, not the boiling water or bone broth. Next, add the finely chopped raw vegetables, chicken, onion and cilantro.You can now store this in the fridge to grab and go when you’re ready. To cook, just open the jar and pour in boiling water or your hot bone broth. Put the lid on and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes. Flip open the jar and enjoy!

Get your WODBOOK!
WOD books


Would you recommend CFN? 
Of course!  Each workout is not only challenging and exciting, but you always leave feeling you have learned something new.  The coaches are very knowledgeable and are there to guide you throughout your workout.  Come on and join the CrossFit Nanaimo ‘family’!
-Thanks, annonymous


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