Whether you are looking for an introduction to CrossFit, to group classes full of inspiring people to keep you going, and everything in-between, we have something for you!

FREE Intro: Visit our facility, meet the coaches, and learn more about what CrossFit has to offer you. Intro classes are scheduled based on minimum registration requirements of 3 people so bring a friend or two and give it a try!

On Ramp: Introductory program that teaches you the in’s and out’s of the movements, guided workouts of the day, and tonnes of one on one coaching. On-Ramp runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm for four weeks at the beginning of every month.

WOD: Workout of the day scheduled for one hour. You will go through a guided warm-up, some strength or skill work and a workout of the day.

Kid Friendly: These classes are focused on building general fitness for adults (kids can hang out and play). Similar to CrossFit, but with less involvement on the more technical barbell/gymnastics movements.

Teen Class: Designated for teens aged 13-19 to work on overall health and wellness. From general fitness to sport specific, CFN’s Teens class will get you started in the right direction with our functional movement training.

Fit For Life: Join our trainers for some gentle movement to meet new friends and optimize your quality of life.  This class is geared towards the older-aged adult population to:Enhance Mobility, Improve Bone Density, Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Increase Energy. *minimum registration required to run.

Open Gym: One hour unguided sessions to come in and work on your skills or throw-down with some friends.

Olympic Lifting: Coach Guided Olympic Weightlifting (usually runs two hours). This one is great for improving mobility and explosive power.