Meet the Team

Meet our certified coaches and trainers who are empowered to provide you with ongoing guidance and education throughout your training.

Katie Weisgerber – Owner

k-rope-climbKatie is very passionate about helping people move better.  Whether it’s adding more weight on the bar to hit a new personal record, or simply working on mobility to achieve better ROM, Katie is always there to help put you on the right path to success. She is currently taking studies to become an RMT to help better assess and build on her knowledge of the human body and help people move better.  She will physically be away from the gym during this time of studies, but there spiritually and emotionally providing programming and support to the community in every way that she can!

Katie’s background in the fitness industry is in Aquatic Fitness and Swimming. She was a competitive swimmer in her early teens and coached Masters swimming and local school Swim Clubs from 2005-2008. Katie instructed Water Fitness classes from 2007-2012.  She made the  transition to land based fitness in 2010 when she became a CrossFit Level 1 certified Coach.  Since then she has also become an NCCP Certified Olympic Lifting Coach and has completed a CrossFit Kettlebell Seminar, CrossFit Endurance Seminar, Gymnastics Seminar, Functional Movement Screening, and multiple olympic lifting seminars as both an attendee and instructor.   She also has previous experience as a gymnastics coach, teaching foundational skills to children aged from 2-9.

Katie was a competitive swimmer, competing in both individual and team events. Katie was a player of team sports (volleyball, softball) and manager of a basketball team. Recreationally she hikes, swims, bikes, weight trains, and eagerly jumps at the chance to do anything outdoors!


Alana Parrett – Manager, Coach and PT

Working hard while having fun has always been my motto; there should always be room for laughter.  With a little help in the right direction any one of us can achieve our fitness goals.  I have been through challenges physically, accepted them, adjusted my program and kept on plugging away.  When working with clients this is what I do best, no matter what their background is and their goals may be.  After playing Soccer for Team Ontario for several years, I earned an athletic scholarship for soccer to Appalachian State University. There I completed a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Nutrition. With a strict workout and practice regime during those years I gained discipline and knowledge of how to push the body, achieved success in athletics, and balanced a healthy lifestyle in the mix.

B.Sc. Health Promotion and Nutrition – Appalachian State University, North Carolina 2004
CanFitPro – Personal Trainer Specialist
Crossfit – Level One Trainer Certification
Crossfit – Powerlifting Trainer Certification
Level A,C CPR/AED and Emergency First Aid OFA Level 1


Adam Lowry – Coach

Adam received his Level I Crossfit certification in October of 2010. In fact, Katie and Adam were certified at the very same course @ Crossfit Vancouver, although they did not know each other at the time. It’s an interesting story. Adam had been searching to find Crossfitters in Nanaimo and actually considering opening his own Crossfit gym, when he discovered through an online thread that some girls from Victoria (Katie & Heather) were planning on opening one in Nanaimo, in January of 2011. So, he held out on opening his own gym, hoping to join the existing community and make coaching contributions, which did indeed happen and continues to happen today. The coaches joined forces and began lifting heavy things and showing others how to do the same, as a team…happily ever after.

Adam first started executing constantly-varied, high intensity, functional movements at Crossfit Whistler, during his time with the Pemberton Heatseekers Wildfire Unit. Prior to starting Crossfit, Adam had diverse fitness experience with both instructing athletes and training as an athlete. But, there was something very different about Crossfit that stoked a fire in his belly. Everyday was a new challenge. It broke him down. It made him feel weak and uncoordinated. It was never easy. But, the results were astounding. Through practice and determination, he acquired the ability to squat for extended periods of time, jump higher, run faster and throw further. His high fives began to cause crippling injuries. His grip strength hit unprecedented new heights, measuring “Gorilla” at Paradise Mini-Golf, in Parksville. He began squatting his family members to demonstrate his new found abilities. Over his first 6 months of Crossfit training, his grocery bills doubled, as did his quality of life.

Coaching is passion for Adam, whether it is olympic weightlifting, Crossfit or youth sports. Adam loves helping people strive to be the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally. Adam is approachable, outgoing and generally stoked on life. He loves to chat and once in a while he has a good idea to share.
Favorite movements: Snatch/Clean & Jerk
Least favourite movement: L-Sits
Favourite Local Restaurant: Hu’o’ng Lan (if you don’t know, you better ask somebody)
Go-to-postworkout-meal: Yam hashbrowns & eggs
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ruth Stewart (Bean) – Coach

Ruth has been active all of her life including completing four marathon races and numerous half marathons since her late thirties. 

Ruth never felt she was getting stronger or faster.  She liked the structure of classes but was quickly bored with the lack of variety. As an accountant she enjoyed jogging for the ability to measure the time and distance of runs but wasn’t self motivated to push harder for better results and ran more for the social aspect of being with her friends. By the time she was in her fifties her goal of maintaining her fitness as she aged was replaced with a goal of just outliving the competition.  But even that goal looked shaky in 2006 with the diagnosis of breast cancer.  

The cancer was caught early and despite a second cancer scare later that year, she counts herself as one of the lucky ones. 

With a new lease on life Ruth turned to boot camp style training. Fate eventually brought her to an Edmonton CrossFit box in 2010.  CrossFit satisfied her need to measure results, the desire for diverse workouts, the motivation of a coach and the social aspect of a community.  It was love at first sight. 

In 2012 Ruth and her husband David retired and moved to Nanaimo.  Ruth’s first thought was to find a new home at CFN. In 2013 Ruth became a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and since then has taken CrossFit courses in mobility and Olympic weightlifting.

Ruth has enjoyed personal success as a result of CrossFit. An avid Open athlete since 2012, she believes that even friendly competition brings the best out in an athlete.  In the 2014 Open, Ruth placed 58th in the world for her age group.  And in 2015 Ruth became a B.C. and Canadian Olympic weightlifting record holder. She continues to set new B.C. and Canadian weightlifting records.

Outside of CrossFit Ruth is a grandmother, quilter and genealogy enthusiast.  She studies basic French and Spanish which she hopes will help on her travels abroad with David.  Her favourite hobby is collecting t-shirts from the CrossFit boxes she visits on her vacations.  Ruth celebrated her 60th birthday in 2014.  For her every day is a gift. She looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm of life and CrossFit.


Jason Lochhead (Cookies) – Coach

I started CrossFit for the same reason many do, I was tired of doing the same routine at the gym everyday and wanted to get in better shape.  I’d heard of CrossFit but couldn’t figure out what it was. When I looked it up there was never a clear answer so I though I would try it.  I was instantly hooked by how much there was to learn, and the constant challenge of the workouts.  My favourite thing about CrossFit is that there is always a weakness that needs attending to, and once it’s no longer your weakness, you spot another one, or decide to learn a new movement, it keeps it constantly challenging and exciting.

I got into coaching when Katie asked if I wanted to shadow the on-ramp.  I’m usually pretty quiet with new people so the thought of telling a group of stranger what to do was pretty nerve wracking.  I was amazed at the difference between participating in a class and shadowing a class.  I learned so much by watching and listening to all the coaches at CFN.  The more classes I shadowed the more confidence I gained in teaching the movements and interacting with people.  The summer of 2015 I attended a level one certification in Portland, once again I was reminded of how much there is too learn and practice.  Shortly after receiving my level 1 certification I got trained in NCCP level 1 Weightlifting.  This, in addition to joining The Hercfit Weightlifting team, has given me a lot of additional knowledge on becoming more efficient and powerful at the Olympic lifts.

Coaching has been an awesome experience since my first class.  I love getting to know the community better as well as teaching people everything I’ve learned since I’ve started.  One of the many reasons I love coaching is being able to teaching someone a movement, watch them practice it and then perform it proficiently in a workout, it’s not something I ever thought would happen when I first started CrossFit and has been extremely rewarding.

As far as competitions go, I have participated in the Open every year since I started and have always liked how it pushes me beyond what I can do in training.  In the past year I have also started competing in CrossFit and Olympic lifting competitions, once again loving how the competition atmosphere pushes me to do so much more.


Dallyn Giroux- Coach and PT

The fitness industry has been a big part of my life since 2006. This was the year that I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, an autoimmune disease that affects; the skin, joints, muscles,organs, and nervous system. Exercise has had such a positive impact on my health and self-esteem, that I have been inspired to help others. There is essentially no amount of pain or injury that cannot be worked with on a Personal Training level. Working with an educated personal trainer is the best way to ensure you are progressing in a safe and appropriate manner. I believe that no matter where you start, we can work together to build the foundations for progress and success. My goal is to promote health and wellness in a positive manner, and to prove that exercise and functional movements are suitable for everyone. I stand firmly by my motto:“Intelligent movement for a lifetime of health and wellness”.

CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) – Certified Personal Trainer
EIMC (Exercise is Medicine Canada) – Level 1
Exercise Science Diploma
Heartsaver CPR AED Level C