Have you signed up for the CrossFit OPEN Yet?!?!  

02/12/2018 – Family Day!

Buy In: 3 sets: 200m run/row, 10 sit ups, 5/side jack sparrow, 5 jump squat
Skill: Wendler week 3 Back Squats. warm up 40-50-60% x 5 reps THEN 75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1+
WOD: Teams of 3 accumulate 360 calories (row)
Partner A:  Row for cal – you decide!
Partner B: AMRAP burpee box jumps
Partner C: AMRAP Bear complex (95/65)
*Partner on the row decides when to rotate (aim for 20-30 cal each round)
*25min timecap
*score = time + reps 

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